Welcome to my recipes page! First off let me say I am by no means a chef. I simply enjoy cooking and have been trying to find easy, simple ways to enjoy healthy cooking while on a backpackers budget without having to constantly eat sandwichs & pastas!
All recipes found here will be vegetarian with a strong focus on plant based/ whole foods, and all produce will be locally sourced from markets and local farmers from whatever country I am currently cooking in. All recipes can be easy made with a few key ingredients from home ( mainly spices) and cooked in the most basic of hostel kitchens. I try to use local flavors as much as possible with the exception of my little spice pack I carry with me everywhere. I'll break down the prices for you to show you just how much money you are saving by not eating out for every meal and I will try my hardest to keep foods as flavorful & exciting as possible.

Thanks for following along & happy eating!!!


Meagan Boudreau

Meagan Boudreau

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